Helsinki Chamber Choir Audition

Time: Thursday 19 March 2021 at 15.00–19.00
Place: In Helsinki (we will announce the exact location later)

There are three assignments in the audition:
-solo singing (there will be a pianist, bring sheet music in the right key for him/her)
-singing in a quartet, we will send the music a week before the audition
-"prima vista" assignment, we will send the music 24 hours before the audition

Apply for the audition by 5 March 2021 by emailing the manager (see email below). When you apply, send also a short resume/CV and this pdf form.

Additional information and applications:
Martti Anttila
Toiminnanjohtaja / Executive Manager
Helsingin kamarikuoro
tel: +358 50 300 7407
e-mail: martti (at) helsinginkamarikuoro (piste) fi


New record with music by Alex Freeman

In January BIS Records published our latest record, with music by Alex Freeman.

Freeman’s requiem Under the arching heavens was commissioned by Nils Schweckendiek and the Helsinki Chamber Choir to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Finnish civil war. Structured around the Latin liturgy of the mass for the dead, the work has a duration of more than an hour and also incorporates poems in Finnish, Swedish and English, reflecting both the specific reason for the commission and the universality of human suffering caused by war. In the non-liturgical texts chosen by Freeman, birds are a recurring image, as is that of a mother and child. The work ends with lines by Walt Whitman from a poem written in the aftermath of the American Civil War; lines described by the composer as ‘some of the most comforting poetry in the English language.’ Also included on the disc is A Wilderness of Sea, another recent choral piece which draws on works by Shakespeare, and the poet’s images of the sea, and of mankind’s relationship with it.

The choir is conducted by artistic director Nils Schweckendiek and the record can be purchased in the choir’s web shop.



2020 ends with Ode to Joy

An die Freude! 18.12. at 7 pm.

Despite the circumstances we get to celebrate Beethoven 250 years by performing his ninth symphony together with the Helsinki Philharmonic and chief conductor Susanna Mälkki. The concert is broadcasted directly on the Helsinki channel and in the HKO Screen mobile app.

More information.