Musica nova Helsinki in February

At the Musica nova Helsinki festival in February Helsinki Chamber Choir will perform the young star composer Eugene Birman’s socially aware and emotionally charged work State of the Union, a meditative stream of names of extinct animals, TV ad slogans, US military operations and refrains of the Christian right. The Helsinki Chamber Choir is known especially for performing contemporary music, and it has worked with Birman for years and premiered the piece on its US tour in 2016. The program also features two works by the theme composers of the festival.

Saturday 6th of February 2021 at Ritarihuone in Helsinki – tickets for sale now!

Fredrik Pacius Symposium 20.11.2020

Friday 20.11. Helsinki Chamber Choir performs at the Fredrik Pacius Symposium, where the first editions of Finnish Musical Heritage Society are released, and Fredrik Pacius and his followers’ work presented. The Fredrik Pacius Award 2020 will also be presented at the event.

Live streaming at

New recording with works by Sampo Haapamäki and Antti Auvinen

Record release 16.11.!

The new Alba Records recording presents vocal works by two of the leading Finnish modernists born in the 1970s: Maailmamaa by Sampo Haapamäki, who recently won the Nordic Council Music Prize, as well as on, -ne, -ni and Obviously Foreign Infantry by Antti Auvinen.

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